Sunday, February 27, 2011

Oscars! Part CAT

For anyone who is interested I just ate 2 tacos in 35 seconds and then forgot I ate it and wondered when I was going to have time to eat then noticed the salsa sitting on my chest and remember I had already eaten. That was bizarre aaaand moving on.

:( Looks kinda old and the kinda like sad or something? And the dress isn't the best. But um shall we move on?

Penelope Cruz is breast feeding. Shall we say more? I think that was when I forgot I was eating tacos.

And I now officially see the full monstrosity that is Nicole Kidman's dress. Sooo it's horrible? it doesn't fit? It has giant swirls on her hips? La la la la laaa worst dressed of the night la la la laaa.

Silver is obvi the color of the night. I'm ok with that?

HELLO MARK WALBERG'S WIFE. I honestly love this and for some reason I really am inspired by the colors and would love to use this as like an inspiration board for living room color schemes.

Gwyneth: it's so her and its soooo beautiful and I love the broach. Really, I know everyone hates on her and hates on me for loving her but I say suuuuupurb girlfriend.

Anne Hathaway. So I'm going to tone it down tonight with how much I hate her so I don't lose readers and get threatening text messages but I'm just going to say it once- can't stand her. BUT she looks beautiful, she looks like a host and looks really pretty.

Besties thus far:
Jennifer Lawrence

Cate Blanchett
Celine Dion
Hailee Steinfeld
Gwyneth Paltrow


Melissa Leo

Nicole Kidman

Julianna Rancic
Marissa Tomei

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