Tuesday, February 8, 2011

When I dip, you dip

Ah the glorious, glorious Super Bowl. That beautiful day of the year filled to the brim with dips and football and friends and more dips. We dipped to such a magnitude that I went to bed curled into a tight fetal position, so full and moaning so loudly. And yet... smiling in painful contentment.

(Steelers vs. Packers potato skins via Noble Pig. No, I didn't make them because I'm not completely disgusting but oh.my.god. this woman is ballsy.)

This year's Sunday o' Glory seemed to be better than normal. Maybe it was the actually good football game? Maybe it was the amazing food? Or maybe it was because I didn't have to leave my apartment or get out of my pajamas. (I didn't really mean for that to happen. About an hour into the party I realized I hadn't looked in the mirror all day...or put on a bra. WHOOPS.)

THE FOOD: because I know you're dying to know... the winning house guest of the night brought an out of this world homemade artichoke dip AND buffalo chicken/cheddar/blue cheese dip while the formidable contender brought the always classic and delicious Velveeta/Rotel crock pot sensation dip. At halftime we ushered in the "real food"- my buffalo chicken meatballs (SOOO good, snag the recipe HERE) and a fresh from the freezer batch of tater tots. We ended the meal of meals with chocolate chip cookies with an oreo center.

Moving on.

THE COMMERCIALS: At Casa de Wilinsky, we like to keep things entertaining so we made commercial score cards. Highly recommended fun for all. My favsies of the night:

Everyone's favorite, I love it too:


It's not very high on any best commercial list but I think it's hysterical. ECO ECO ECO.

Obvi loved it:

And my winner... someone please give the person who thought of this campaign an award. And I love the song.


Can we just talk about Christina for a minute? I hate her normally. Ever since she stopped wearing chaps and bad extensions, she's really lost her appeal but I was handing it to the sister on Sunday night. Her face seemed to be less puffy, her outfit looked nice and boy oh boy can that girl belt a tune. I was basically saying amen by the end of the song. Then Lyricpocolypse happened and that was that. It's the most watched game in the history of television, can't we all back off if she was a little nervous!? I never know the lyrics to songs! So what! Blah blah blah. And now there's a whole smear campaign about how she's spiraling out of control and she's a drunk. Come on people! She sounded great! Can't we please move on? Don't worry Christina, I got your back.

Besides the horrible, horrible quality of audio...I was very pleasantly surprised with the halftime show. Good use of space, great cameo's, great song selection. I stayed entertained, I danced, I sang. And while I still pine for the days of MTV-produced Britney Spears dance numbers and nipple slips, this felt like the good ole days were back and I was sincerely happy about it.

But let's be honest, it was probably just Fergie's diamond encrusted football pad costume that got me all excited- if I got to wear sparkles, I'd totally play more sports.

Braless host+ tater tots = IS THIS WHY I'M SO POPULAR?

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