Sunday, February 27, 2011

Oscars! Part DEUX

Amy Adams. Hm. I ummm don't know how I feel. She definitely looks beautiful and the makeup is really really beautiful and I love the color. I have never loved necklaces with necklines like that sooo minus points but I think I do like it.

Let's take this commercial break to discuss Kelly Osborne. I love it. I love the bride of Frankenstein hair, it totally works on her. I'm digggggging the lips. And love love love the dress. She got a little pudgy for the grammys and I'm happy to see girlfriend got to the gym and got her hot back.

Speaking of the gym, can you hear the hard crunching of the chips and guac I'm literally stuffing into my mouth as we speak? It sounds like angels crying.

OOoo hello patricia arquette look-a-like aka Mark Ruffalo's wife. That is sooo interesting and weird and structured eye candy.

Uh oh- J-Huds. Oh no no no no no no no. Let's make up a term for when people look like they're wearing Jessica McClintock. We'll now refer to it as the McC scale. Jennifer Hudson is at about an 8 on the McC scale. Fine she looks skinny but- floppy boobs need to be tucked in and saved for her husband in private.

oh oh ohhhh ohhhhhhh ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh Cate Blanchett. GIRL JUST STEPPED THIS SHIT UP. Avant garde-amazing hair-those colors-that cut. Her face and hair have never looked better. Best freaking dressed in my book so far, call me crazy. It's weird I know but its just perfect.

Ohhh helllo scarjo. I actually don't even love love the dress, like the front of it is weird but that back and HER.HAIR. HER.MAKEUP. ahhhhhhhh I just licked the tv screen. Lying...but I did totally slam 2 chips into my mouth and started jumping up and down. Holy crap i mean...holy crap.

Taco break.

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