Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Happy Birthday Mama!!

Ohhh my Mama. Mama mama mama.

It's her birthday and she's so cute. A cute little mama.

For those of you who don't know her, Betsy "Texts from Bets" Wilinsky is about as adorable and sweet as they come. Yes, I might be partial but seriously she's one of those people that you just want to hug. Ok maaaybe I didn't want to hug her so much when I was 15 and in a perpetual state of adolescent moody gloom but now a-days...I'd do anything to be near her and try to braid her tiny hair.

It's really hard to be 3000 miles away from the people you love the most in the whole wide world. It's even harder when you're a daughter who isn't exactly known for her time management skills. Ok so fine, I'm not good at buying gifts on time. And ok fine, I'm even worse at actually sending the gifts I do buy. But the good intention is always there.

So because I'm still working on a painting I started last year for her birthday (it's really beautiful, I should show it to you when it's done in 2036) please allow me to take you on a virtual gift giving experience to the Mama we all know and love:

It's a tradition in the Wilinsky family to decorate our bedrooms with streamers for when we we wake up on the morning of our birthday. Well, my Dad is away on a fishing trip and I'm ohhhh a few thousand miles away so are your streamers!! Dad posted a few pics of the apartment to his facebook but unfortunately none of them were of the bedroom. SO you can have a decorated kitchen!!! Which is so much more fun!! I also figured any streamer decoration party is better with throwback pictures from early 90s holiday cards and Sophie in a party hat. Yay!

Later tonight after we finish a yummy dinner of scallops and wine served to us by scantily clad hot man waiters (it's just me and you and your friends on this date, no boys) they'll bring out the dessert of bananas foster with a candle in it and we'll all sing to you.

Then we'd go home where Ben and Dad (and ok how about the rest of our family because this is a fantasy?) would be waiting with piles and piles of presents for you to unwrap! (Can you see them sitting there in the kitchen in the picture above? They're right next to Toddler Ben's arm)

Are you ready for your presents? We really went big this year! Our stocks did good...

1. I got you a private jet (with a full service bar and food menu obviously) so you can come visit me whenever you want to.

2. I bought you a golden retriever puppy for Sophie to play with that came fully potty trained and completely unable to eat shoes. It's a miracle!

3. I bought you a time machine to go back and hang out with baby me and Ben, but then you can time machine back home when you get sick of our whining.

4. I bought you a very very cold lemon drop martini, with the rind for you to eat.

5. I bought you an entire new closet of clothes. You're welcome.

6. I bought you a Jaguar convertible because it gets very hot in San Diego and you'd look very cute in it.

7. I bought you a girls trip to Tuscany with me. Because I want to go to Tuscany too.

8. I bought you a statement necklace because it can really add a little something extra to your wardrobe don't you think?

Ben got you some presents too!! Are you excited??!

1. I bought you a monster truck for your birthday because you are little and this car is big. It is also a Batman monster truck so that makes it better.

2. I bought you a diamond ring for your birthday because you like diamond rings and this one is very big and will look good on your nicely manicured hands.

3. I bought you Pillsbury's chocolate chip cookies for your birthday because you like it when I make chocolate chip cookies. But you only get three (one extra for your birthday) and I get the rest.

4. I'm buying you two snow cones for your birthday because two snow cones are better than one snow cone and it's hot there in San Diego.

5. I'm buying you a vineyard in Northern California for your birthday because you like to drink wine and I figured that I should just buy you an infinite supply of wine.

6. I'm buying you an X-Box 360 for your birthday because I like to play it so you might like it too?

7. I'm giving you a really good picture of myself for your birthday so that you can be with me all day on your birthday.

Now the real question is....WHAT IS DAD GETTING YOU??

Happy Birthday Mama!!!! We love you!!!!!


  1. So I would like to meet yall in Tuscany... thank you.

    Happy Birthday, soon-to-be Aunt Betsy!!!!!! :)

  2. Happy Birthday Betsy!!!! Lar and Ben...too cute :) I'd like an update with Dan's present pleassssssssseeeeeeeeee.

  3. Happy Birthday Bets!! What a fun post Lar! xoxo

  4. Great post Lar..Cary and I miss u very much!!xxxxxxxxxxxx Aunt Linda