Sunday, February 13, 2011


Ooo Barbara performance? Ok. Oooooo she looks beautiful. Boring.

Nicky Minaaaaageeeee in the houseee. Ew Eminem scares me. He won. I’m happy for him. I’m not happy for his plastic surgeon. Detroit stand up.

I’m literally exhausted and just now feeling my hangover from last night.

Whats the deal with Ditty’s intense grills?


Ooooooo this is hot. Shake it girl. Sing it boy. This is hot.

Ok.. Uncomfortably hot.



I can’t stop starting at her jeweled crouch. I think this is the point?

Let’s take a Glitter Me This poll…how would I look with Rihanna’s hair color? I want it.

Loving this funky African breakdown. This is great.

Is that it? Don’t end. Please don't end. I haven't seen something that hot since I taped the Victoria's Secret fashion show and paused it every 15 seconds to oogle.

Jenny from the block time. THAT my friends is how you dress like a disco ball. I bow to you my queen. Marc Anthony aka Skeletor freaks me out.

Oh my god. Lady Antebellum just swept best album. Wow. That’s pretty crazy. I’m sorry but could you get bigger than Empire State of Mind this year? I don’t think so.

Arcade fire- it has been way too long of a night and I’m all the sudden way too hungover for you right now. Ouch. Seriously, this is hurting my head.


Album of the year I’m falling asleep at my computer. If anyone is even still reading this IDENTIFY YOURSELF. I will send you a present.

Ew Arcade Fire just won? Can I go to bed now? This is bananas. Gaga wore skin shoulder pads for the love of god. Does this mean Arcade Fire plays again?

Is this like American Idol when they get to do an end victory song? ...only these people didn’t just get kicked off so I’m very confused.

Should I like Arcade Fire? I don’t think it’s my jam.

To all of you precious people that just read all of this: Get a life. Seriously, you probably just wasted a few hours. Just keeeeding! I love you all!!!! Thank you!!! Next year in Jerusalem!

Secrest Out.

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