Sunday, February 13, 2011

Grammy's Part DOS

7:00 Hailey Williams. Um ew. Bad hair color w/ skirt combo. So ew.

7:02 Why is Eva Longoria there? Why does she always bore me on the red carpet?

7:05 ooooo Kim K. Looks like a trophy. Hello boobies. Whatever- she always looks like herself. Nothing to say. Lets just call it Bebe Couture. Oo Rob looks hot. Ooooo really hot. Yum.

7:09 Amber Riley. Get it girl. I think it’s see through. FIERCE. Diana Agron. Um dark, fierce, I have no words? I fall in love with her more each day. In fact, I think she will be my valentine this year. THOSE EARRINGS.

CYNDI LAUPER. She is a god. Seriously, a god.

7:14 Ricky Martin hasn’t aged he’s a yummy yummy precious gay man.

7:14 Mya- boring. Don’t like the hair/earring combo.

7:14 Julianne Hough- Ok. Fine. I’ll hop on the bandwagon she’s f-ing hot.

7:15 Oh hello Swizz Beatz. Gold studded leopard print jacket? Husband if you are out there reading this….I like a man that can pull this kind of shit off.

7:17 Nina whatever from Glee. Ehhhh ok. Not in love with it but her face and makeup look beeeeautiful.

7:18 Sara Barallas- I mean. I love her whatever. She looks pretty.

7:24 Ohhhh Willow Smith you little nugget of perfect. “I just feel like when people hear my song it changes their lives” Yes Willow, it really did.

7:25 Ryan just forced Miley and Willow Smith to hug. It was bad. Miley got fat. Hate the light brown hair. TOO MUCH SIDE BOOB. Contain yourself lady.

7:29 Adam Labert. I don’t care.

7:30 OHHHHH JLO. You look like a disco ball you hot beautiful mamacita. Something about American Idol has totally transformed her image for me and she knocked the ball out of the part with this outfit. Not obsessed with the hair but I mean…..COULD I DIE? I want those shoes. GLITTER ME THIS WINNER OF THE NIGHT THUS FAR.

7:33 I think Moulin Rouge being on TV today has re-energized my love for Nicole Kidman. She looks beautiful.

7:34 Did Diddy get a little fat and get a new grill?

7:35 KATY PERRY’S GRANDMA HAS A BEJEWELED CAN. I’m hyperventilating. Literally dying. I love how their outfits are all a little coordinated.

I love what Katy is wearing. Fabric is tacky but like what the hell ever. Oh boy do I love it you little sparkle angel you.

AND I QUOTE "Even if i don't get a Grammy I get to go home with my Grammy"


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